Characters/Maya Makinami

Maya Makinami
Personal Information
Surname Name Makinami Maya
Birthday (Age) January 1st (n/a)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Main Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color Pale Black
Eye Color Green
Height 5′ 0′′ (152cm)
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
Family unknown
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance unknown
Notes unknown
'Maya is...a strange girl.[...] Despite having known her for so long, I don't know much information about her or her interests. All I know is that she cares deeply for Ami and doesn't typically like being around men.'
— Sensei's notes

Maya Makinami ("Maya") is part of the Main Cast of Lessons In Love. She is one of the 10 original main cast girls.


Sensei meets Maya on his first day out of school (which, as it turns out later, is a recurring event).During the school year, Sensei visits her at the shrine and also at the dorms, though Maya tries to avoid conversations with him. Over time, Sensei learns that once in a while, all the inhabitants of Kumon-mi except her disappear and Maya is responsible for restarting the world into an infinite loop of repeatable events. However, after latest restart, when the world goes into winter, events begin to occur that Maya cannot predict or control, which, along with Sensei's worsening hallucinations, begins to frighten her.


She is a very mysterious girl who prefers to spend time alone. She usually only contributes a few words to a conversation, especially when forced to spend time with Sensei, and her speech is mostly devoid of any emotion. She has no friends in class besides Ami and Ayane, and some of the girls consider her weird. However, she can be friendly even towards Sensei at some points.



Even though Sensei tries to get close to her, Maya is not interested and instead tries to avoid him as much as possible. His new personality and perversal proposals disgust her. But as Sensei's hallucinations and unpredictable events worsen, Maya begins to worry about him. When Sensei collapses in her room, she even offers him sex out of desperation to get him out of it, and often warns him about Noriko. Although she obviously knows the answers to some of Sensei's questions, she continues to refuse to reveal them to him.


Maya and Ami have been best friends for years and often spend time together in the dorm room and at Sensei's house.


Maya doesn't have as good relationship with Ayane as she does with Ami, but it can still be considered as friendly compared to the other classmates.


Maya hates Noriko for a reason unknown to Sensei. When Noriko first appears in Sensei's class, Maya outbursts and insults her. From that point on, she also discourages Sensei from spending time with her.

Memorable Quotes

  • "You're disgusting". -All the time
  • "I'm an entirely normal teenage girl". -Also all the time


  • Maya was the winner of the sixth Lessons in Love Gravure Poll, for the month of October 2020.
  • Maya revealed Ami's Birthday in A New Beginning. The player was offered three choices, being October 27th, January 28th and March 7th in order.
  • When asked to talk about her past or interests, her age was purposely displayed as [redacted].
  • Little is known about Maya's family. In Uninvited, Ami says that Maya doesn't have any family in Kumon-Mi, and that she would have to travel to Gifu to see her family members.
  • Maya is currently the eighth youngest member of the cast.