Beach Special Update

The Beach Special Update, introduced in update 0.8.0, consists of a class trip to the Beach near Kumon-Mi.

Main Events

The Beach Special Update covers 16 main main events which play in succession across 2 in-game days. These events are, in order, What's Done is Done, All Along the Shoreline, My Heart is Full, Extra French Fries, Behind a Bathroom, Under the Blazing Sun, Three Girls in a Line on the Beach, The Moon is Beautiful, The Legacy of Thaum Pt. I, Summer and Winter, Where Puppies Roam Free, Die For What You Believe In, Reverse Cowgirl, Smile Guide, Prayer Position, Cry. Cry. Cry., and See You in the Morning.

To start the Beach Special Update, the following requirements must be met:

Missable Lust Events

There are two missable lust events in the Beach Special Update. These are Ami's Wake Up Call and Ayane's Prisoner events, which require Ami's and Ayane's respective lusts to be at 10 to occur.