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Ayane Amamiya
Personal Information
Surname Name Amamiya Ayane
Birthday (Age) September 25th (n/a)
Birthday (Age) [redacte(d )]
Type of Character Main Cast
Additional Information
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Light Blue
Height 5′ 3′′ (161cm)
Job(s) unknown
Hobby(s) unknown
Like(s) unknown
Dislike(s) unknown
Family unknown
Affiliation unknown
First Appearance unknown
Notes unknown
'Another one of Ami's close friends.[...] She's incredibly flirtatious and often wanders off to talk to me while hanging out at the house. Her parents have made several large donations to the school and her father is one of the few males left in the city.'
— Sensei's notes

Ayane Amamiya ("Ayane") is part of the Main Cast of Lessons In Love. She is one of the 10 original main cast girls.


Sensei meets Ayane very soon after the end of the first day of school. He soon starts visiting her in the dorms room and also in the dojo, although he knows nothing about karate himself. During the school year, Ayane appears at his home or office several times on different occasions to spend time alone with him or to challenge Ami to another one of her duels for his affection. Because of her obsession, Ayane is the first person the "new" Sensei becomes sexually involved with. She also makes no secret of her absolute love, which creates awkward situations at times.


Ayane comes from an extremely wealthy family, but unlike Touka, she has no need to show off. However, her obsession with Sensei often causes embarassing situations, as like Ami, she is quite jealous. On the other hand, she supports her friends in any situation and respects them regardless of occasional disagreements.



Ayane is obsessed with Sensei, going so far as to secretly take pictures of him and frame them on her wall, and calling him her "future husband". Her displays of love tend to be unhealthy, and she makes no effort to hide her feelings for Sensei in front of the other students, always creating embarrassing situations and coming out on top of them due to her flirting nature. However, Ayane also shows that she cares deeply about Sensei, going so far as to be afraid of losing him, and thus demonstrating that maybe Sensei is a way for her to supply her emotional needs. As such, Ayane will always seek to gain Sensei's attention and acceptance, either affectively or romantically.


Ami and Ayane are longtime friends, and although they both compete for Sensei's attention, they never manage to stay mad at each other for long, even though they are occasionally jealous of each other. Ayane, however, is supportive of Ami's relationship with Sensei, on the condition that she does not try to thwart their planned marriage.


Although Ayane and Maya's relationship is not quite friendship, they manage to get along. The link in their relationship is Ami, whom they have both known for many years. Compared to Maya's relationships with other girls, she and Ayane get along quite solidly.


Sana is Ayana's roommate in the dorm room. Although they have very different likes and personalities, they get along very well. Ayane supports Sana when she finds herself in a difficult situation, and Sana tries to reciprocate it as much as possible.


Ayane has known Kirin for several years, but their relationship suffers a major blow in Events/Prisoner, when Kirin catches Ayane and Sensei having sex. After a while, she joins Sensei and now clearly terrified Ayane, making cynical remarks about her obsession, especially if she had her own affair with Sensei earlier that day. She returns to this event several more times later, and Ayane can't forgive her for a long time.


It seems that Ayane has a troubled relation with her father, even implying in Slumber Party that he is her "arch nemesis". The Amamiya family got their fortune after Ayane's father invented an unpoppable version of bubble wrap. Ayane also tells that The Amamiya's mansion is the second biggest house in all of Kumon-Mi.


Butler at the Amamiya's mansion. Ayane says in Slumber Party that Geoffrey is "the only one in the house who pays attention" to her, and mentions walking to the scullery sometimes to chat with him.

Memorable Quotes

  • "There are three things you never ask a girl: her age, her weight, and where she got her automatic rifle."


  • Ayane's birthday was revealed in Pry With a Smile by Ayane herself.
  • She's been hinting at that Ami and her have kissed on Christmas a long time ago. However, Ami denies it when Sensei mentions it in Bottled Dreams.